Don Lappin's Two Hand Technique
  • Don Lappin's Two Hand Technique
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Hi everybody,

Note:Please email me at as soon as you place your order. Once in a while, I won't recieve the notification message from PayPal indicating that an order has been placed. Your email to me will insure that I am made aware of your order. That way I can issue you the download link asap. Thanks!

This is my instructional DVD on my tapping technique. It contains 2 DVDs (3hrs 25min), and a data CD containing backing tracks and 65 pages of tabs.

I spent 3 years making this DVD. It is VERY well organized and thought out. This is the end result of over 25 years of trial and error, refined into a very easy to understand and use system. 

Originally, this DVD set cost $45 which included all shipping. However, it became a hassle doing the duplication, dealing with international sales and customs, etc.. so I came up with a soloution...

I decided to lower the cost to $20 and is now available for immediate download. This is a huge download. It's the same 2 DVDs, backing tracks, and PDF files as mentioned above.

When you place your order, be sure to include the email address that you would like me to send the download links to. Simply click on the links to download the DVD, Backing Tracks, and PDF files onto your computer. The full DVD version is 8 gigs and the itunes version is 2.5 gigs. Again, keep in mind that the full DVD version is the same exact 2 DVD set, complete with menus, titles, the hard copy. 

NOTE TWO:  If you are a PC user, my DVDs are currently in mpeg4 format which I have learned isn't viewable on a PC unless you download an MEG4 video player. These downloads work just fine on Mac systems.

So, in addition to the full DVD version which works on Mac computers, I have ripped the individual chapters of both DVDs into itunes format. As long as you have QuickTime player installed on your PC, these files should work just fine. So far, this format has been working well for everyone who has purchased.

The cool thing about the itunes format is that the files are much smaller, only taking up around 2.5 gigs instead of 8 gigs. As mentioned, I will email you links for both versions.

Thank you,


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