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It is easier than ever to order my DVD!!! DropBox is no longer needed! Simply purchase my DVD from my "store" and I will send you the download links where you can download the DVD, Backing Tracks, and PDF files onto your computer!


My album "Tapped In" is now available on itunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Check it out!
Also, I created a new page, "Tablature". The first Tab is the Melody and Chorus of my song "Captain's Lady". Be sure to check out the video on my YouTube channel!

I am very pleased to announce that my new album "Tapped In" has now been officially released and is available for immediete purchase and "digital download"! Starting NOW, you will be able to purchase the physical copies here in my store. Click on the thumbnail to the right you will be directed to bandcamp where you may purchase both the Physical and Digital copies right now as well! 


I am very happy to announce that I am now endorsing a really cool string dampener called "Fret Wraps". This product is made by GruvGear and is an outstanding design! I have spent years looking for the right dampener and have tried quite a few different things. Finally, I have found the perfect system! I have a link to their site on my endorsements page.


Happy New Year everybody!

My Kickstarter page has launched! This is for my new record "Tapped In" featuring myself on Guitar, Joe Santerre on Bass, Steve Hunt on Keys, and Chad Wackerman on Drums. This will allow you to hear samples of the record, and preorder my CD if you like what you hear! Here is the link:

I hope you like it!!!



Well, I am happy to let you all know that my record, "Tapped In" is now mastered and the artwork is 100% finished!!! I cannot possibly be happier with how this has turned out! Everything will be sent out for replication sometime next week.

The official release date for my record is February 1st, 2013. However, I am launching a page on kickstarter where you will be able to preorder my CD. Not only will you be able to preorder the CD, but will also hear samples of all of the songs in final mix form too! I can really use your help in spreading the word by sharing this on your page, and if you like my music, by preordering your copy!:) 

The launch date for my kickstarter campaign is January 1st (this coming Tuesday) and will run through the 25th. I will be posting the direct link to that page at that time.

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!



Just a couple of things. First, we ran into a minor issue with the mixes of my new CD which needed to be corrected before mastering. The issue has been resolved and we are mastering my CD, "Tapped In" on Friday 12/21/12. The artwork is now done and it came out awesome, thanks Jussi!!! Look for my kickstarter page to launch sometime next weekend where you will be able to preorder my CD as well as hear samples of each of the songs too! The 3rd week of January will be the new release date.

Also, the following I copied from my store page (see below). It turns out that my downloadable version of my DVD can only be viewed on Mac computers. I discovered this issue last week when two PC users ordered my DVD from my store but were unable to view the files. We are working on correcting the problem ASAP. 

From my store page:

NOTE* if you are a PC user, my DVDs are currently in mpeg4 format which I have learned isn't viewable on a PC unless you download an MEG4 video player. I am currently working on a solution as to which player you should download. These downloads work just fine on Mac systems.

In the meantime, In addition to the full DVD version which works on Mac computers, I have ripped the individual chapters of both DVDs into itunes format. As long as you have QuickTime player installed on your PC, these files should work just fine.  I will keep you all updated on my progress as I work to solve these issues.

The cool thing about the itunes format is that the files are much smaller, only taking up around 2.3 gigs instead of 8 gigs.

Thank you,



Well it's time for another overdue update! 

First, we are making tremendous progress on my new upcoming album, "Tapped In" featuring myself on Guitar, Joe Santerre on Bass, Steve Hunt on Keys, and Chad Wackerman on Drums. We are completely finished with mixing and I plan to release it sometime in late December! I will be launching a preorder campaign on Kickstarter as soon as the mastering is finished. It will serve as a preorder page for those wishing to purchase it.

Sabi Saltiel mixed my album. It was a bit tricky because he is in LA and I am in Maine, but it worked out fine. We had a blast working on this project together. It is coming out AMAZING! Steve Hunt will be doing the mastering very soon.

Second, I now offering my "Don Lappin's Two-Hand Technique" DVD at a MUCH reduced rate of only $24.95. This is only for a limited time, and is offered as a download only, through Drop Box. Please check out my store page for all of the details.

That's it for now. Thanks for dropping by!

Don Lappin


Hey everybody

I know it's been a while, haha.... This is to let you know that I am down to tracking the last 2 songs for my new record. After that, we just need to do keys and mix! It is really coming out great! I am shooting for a Fall release date. It's a bit later than I was planning on but these things often take longer to complete than originally planned, haha...

Also, I have a couple of slots now available for Skype Lessons. I teach mostly on Saturdays and Sundays but can make Tuesday work as well.

Please click on the "Lessons" tab for the latest pricing info.


Don Lappin
Assistant Professor
Berklee College of Music


Hey everybody:D

I just completed a two-part video for Engl amps demonstrating the Invader 100 head. I thought some of you would like to see it. Part one is up on the Engl site now. I'm sure they'll be uploading part 2 really soon.

I used my white Sil for the video. I hope you like it! Here is the link:



Thursday July 14th
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, MA

All new show which will feature songs from Don's upcoming Record!!! Personnel includes:

Joe Santerre- Bass
Steve Hunt- Keys
Maddie Rice- Guitar
Alon Mei-Tal- Guitar
Tyler Levander- Drums

Thursday July 28th
Berklee Cafe 939
Boston, MA

Don will present a clinic on his two-hand technique. DVDs and CDs will be available for purchase!


Well, here is the latest news. Joe Santerre has finished tracking Bass on 6 of the 9 tunes for my record. I'm almost done tracking guitars on the first tune as well. It is really coming out great!!! I am having such a blast doing this project and the sounds I'm getting are killing! We'll finish the Bass tracks next Sunday at Steve Hunt's studio, "The Kitchen". After my guitars are done, I'll go back to Steve's to work on adding his Keyboards.

Renowned guitarist Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Kansas, Deep Purple) and his son Kevin stopped by Berklee this past Friday to check out the college. Kevin is thinking of attending next year. My good friend Jon Finn spent the day with them and showed them around. Kevin also attended my Rock Styles class and fit right in. Not only is Steve one of my all time favorite players, he is also one of the nicest guys on the planet. It was great hanging with both him and his son (who is already a great player, btw). Be sure to check out the new pic on my photos page!

I have added some cool testimonials from a couple of my Skype students that you can check out. I have really started digging teaching on Skype and have worked out some wonderful systems for teaching.  Although my schedule is pretty full at the moment, I am always looking for new students so don't be shy about getting in touch with me if you are interested in lessons.

That's it for now. Keep checking back for the latest, thanks!!!


Hi everyone!

You may have seen that I cancelled my funding attempt. I did this with 15 hours to go, because I didn't feel there was any way I would raise the remaining $3,500.

My sincere thanks goes out to all of you who believed in this project enough to pledge your support. Although this funding attempt did not suceed, my record is still being made! In fact, I start tracking guitars tomorrow.

Once the tracking for the record is complete (in the next 2-3 months), I am going to give Kickstarter another shot. I still need to raise this money to cover the album graphics and duplication. I will have a new video with new rewards set up. However, this time I will feature the actual tunes of the record, not the demos.

So stay tuned and check out for updates! I am still hoping for a Summer 2011 release date!

All the best,
Don Lappin


I hope everybody’s new year is off to a great start! I would like you to know that Chad Wackerman ( is almost finished tracking all of the drums for my new record! As expected, they are MONSTROUS!!!

The next step will be to track the bass, then my guitars. This will be completed within the next 2 to 3 months. After that, Steve Hunt’s Keyboards. If you haven’t checked out my kickstarter page, here is the link:

As you can see, I have a LONG way to go to reach my goal with only 24 days left. Please help support my new record….