Below is my response to a couple of comments that have appeared on one of the YouTube videos I did for MusicMan: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYna43scskw>
. The comments suggest that I ripped off John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss". The song in question is the 1st clip of the video. YouTube only allows 500 characters so I decided to post a more in depth response here on my website.

Hi everyone,
Just a quick response to a couple of YouTube comments regarding me "copying" Glasgow Kiss.

Your points are well taken; however, It was never my intention to "copy" or "rip off" GK in any way, nor did I do so. The tune started out as an exercise to address a student's question regarding a specific part of my tapping technique. I then later expanded it into a very short lived tune (which I named WIP) which I have long since "retired", because I never really felt that it was a strong tune. Though it does have a similar keltic vibe, the song structure, melodies, and chord progressions are actually very different than Glassgow Kiss, which is a FANTASTIC tune.

I only had a couple of hours to shoot the video and I needed some quick ideas to use as clips. I thought it would be a fitting way to start the MusicMan demo. For the record, I have a TON of respect for J.P. and would NEVER knowingly "copy" from him or anyone else.

Simply think of that clip for what it is; the start to my video of the Silhouette; nothing more. You'll never hear it performed live nor will it ever appear on any of my records. The last time I performed this was in 2010 when I opened for Guthrie Govan, the time before that was ironically, at a John Petrucci clinic at Guitar Center in Boston (Nov 2009), haha…go figure:) Gotta love Youtube......