Fall/Winter 2019

Hey everyone,
Below are my lesson rates for the Fall and Winter of 2018.


Adult Rate Boston-
1 hour $100. 1/2 hour- $60 (adults/professionals)

Adult Rate Maine-
1 hour $90. 1/2 hour- $50 (adults/professionals)


Student Rate Boston-
1 hour-$90. 1/2hour-$50 (all students-highschool, college, etc...)

Student Rate Maine-
1 hour-$85. 1/2hour-$45 (all students-highschool, college, etc...)

Skype Lessons- 50 Minutes- $90. I should mention that I am really stoked about the effectiveness of Skype lessons! I currently do 10 hours per week and I fully believe they are as effective as one on one!!! I use a combination of vamps and PDF files which are emailed directly through Skype. Very cool stuff!!!

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